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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Dawn and I'm a mum and interior designer. I've been designing our family home for a couple of years now and posting my DIY's on social media. The house we bought had good bones but needed a lot of work. However, from the moment we stepped through the door we new it was somewhere our kids could grow and remember as a happy place, full of joy and laughter (with the occasional tantrum thrown in for good measure). I want to be (at times) painfully honest and talk about some of the topics surrounding motherhood and the home. The highs, the lows, the expectations and the realities. I also want to give you value filled content that you can use in your own home and that helps you through this roller coaster that we call motherhood. Turning your house into a home... that, I can definitely help you with. Motherhood on the other hand, I wish I had the manual!

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